How does TexApartment help me find an apartment?

TexApartment is a licensed real estate company. We help renters find apartments throughout Texas. Renters can search thousands of updated apartment listings. Additionally, every renter is offered personal assistance from a TexAparment Specialist. Best of all, this assistance is completely FREE and every renter that uses TexApartment to find their next apartment is provided a $100 Rebate.

Does your service cost me anything at all?

No. We realize this almost sounds too good to be true, but it makes more sense when you understand how our service works. These apartments have offered to pay us a referral commission if we send them renters. We earn a commission and we share a portion of that commission with you in the form of a Rebate。

If I need assistance finding an apartment, how do I contact an agent?

Provide us your phone number and email address. Every renter that registers on our website is assigned to an agent and contacted within 24 hours. Need immediate assistance? Call our number at 972.664.0500.

Does using TexApartment's service affect any specials offered by the apartment community?

No, our free apartment finding service and free rebate does not affect apartment community's rental rates or specials in any way. In fact, many times we can actually save you money by making sure you have access to all of the properties in a given area.

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Any rebate offer is subject to consent of the principals we represent